Since the year 2005 the Podium company s.r.o. has been introducing the firm of Brioni in one of the Karlovy Vary's grand hotels "The Carlsbad Plaza" (The Leading Hotels of the World). Since the very beginning the brand has established itself as the scale for the "Haute Couture" class: restrained silhouette of the suit, produced exclusively by the manual labor, rich colors and the high quality materials, these are the characteristics by which you will recognize the Brioni brand. Brioni has created a new look for men and has been identified as a benchmark of style and quality, as evidenced by the illustrious names of its clients: Kirk Douglas, Gary Cooper, Luciano Pavarotti, Silvio Berlusconi, Nicolas Sarcozy and various representatives of financial and governmental structures, including the highest representatives of Russia. Brioni placed its bet on the "made-to-measure" suits, which are tailored according to standard patterns. Currently you can order your made-to-measure suit even in our Brioni boutique in Karlovy Vary. Your order will be produced within six weeks and will be tailored in the Italian city of Penne. In the 90s the Brioni brand has successfully launched a line of the women's clothing. Thanks to the combination of daring architectural shapes and delicate femininity, the Brioni 2009 Fall and Winter fashion show in Milan was very successful. You can convince yourself about that when you visit our "Brioni" boutique, which already offers the Brioni Woman collection, which places the talent of the company's creative director Gian Piero Arcese to the top ranks and whose philosophy includes the historical and cultural elements of art.