The Paone family (the founders of Kiton) carefully chooses a location to open their principal boutiques - which can be always found on the prestigious streets in the important cities of the world - Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Munich, Moscow, Kiev and now also in Karlovy Vary. The unique Kiton perfection comes from its materials. Wool fabrics for suits are made with the use of unique technologies on the old looms in Scotland and the UK. Kiton suits are made in limited editions. They are not only comfortable, but they also have a surprising quality: the suit "remembers" the owner's body shape and is able to "adapt" to his personality.

Kitton shoes are traditional and classical models with the combination of unusual colors and shapes. Kitton knitwear is made of the finest cotton, a light summer cashmere and wool with the thickness of 14 microns, which is more expensive than cashmere.

Of particular interest is the outwear, such as thin raincoats made of silk and jackets made of suede and leather. Kiton also produces the women's line: Suit is an elegant and at the same time modern type of clothing and its accessories are the women's shoes.

Nevertheless, the most important for Kiton are the men's suits and ladies' costumes, which easily fit around the body, but do not restrain the motion; they have different color variations and combinations. Thanks to the "Naples back", all Kiton suits have a slightly looser fit when compared to the suits made by other brands - it is the freedom in the business ethics, which can be afforded only by the people with a very high status. Kiton suits are for the ones « who can manage to do everything ».