Privacy Policy

1. Privacy & Data Storage:
During the input of your registration data you confirm also that you have read and understood our “Privacy Policy” correctly and completely.

2. The registrant (advertiser) himself is fully responsible for the security of his log-in data, as well as for the correctness of his registration data. These log-in and registration data can be changed permanently by the registrant himself. The final delete of registration data can only be done by

3. After has received a new registration, these registration data will be checked first for correctness and validity by Only after approval, login details will be sent automatically to the email address of the registrant.

4. The visitor himself is fully responsible for the information he leaves behind in the contact form on the website of or on the external pages of implemented in websites of third parties.

5. Personal data that we process:
Registration data that we have stored are your personal first and last name, company name, private or business address, standard or mobile phone number, fax number, email address, website address, IP address and VAT/TIN number. All new or changed registration data, from new or existing registrants, will be treated confidentially, processed and stored in accordance with the applicable data protection law.

6. Right to inspection, modify or delete data:
All stored data as mentioned above will absolutely not shared with third parties, unless we have received a personal permission or submitted request from the registrant by registered letter, provided with a full copy of passport or identity card and citizen service number, (mark always sensitive details on these copies black) this to protect your privacy.
The log-in and registration data can be changed permanently by the registrant himself. The final delete of registration data can only be done by .

7. Why are your registration and/or personal data stored:
So that we can reach you directly (by phone or email) if there are technical occurs with your advertisements.

8. Special and/or sensitive personal data that we process: has not the intension to collect or store data from new or existing registrants or visitors who are younger than 18 years !
However, can not control the age of each individual, therefore we advise parents and/or guardian to check the online activities of their child(ren).
If you are convinced that we have collected or stored personal data from your child(ren) without permission, please send us a message via , so that we can remove this sensitive information immediately.

9. How long do we store your registration and/or personal data:
All data will be stored immediately as soon as you have a new registration created or if you have changed an existing registration.
As long as you want to keep your registration on registered, all your data will be stored carefully.
As soon as the registrant has informed by letter or email to delete his registration finally, all stored data will be automatically deleted hereafter.

10. How do we secure your personal data: takes the protection of your registration and/or personal data very seriously and takes appropriate and rigorous measures to prevent unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure, unauthorised changes, misuse and loss. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or if there are any indications of abuse, please contact us immediately.

11. Contact:

Stand: 01.01.2023

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